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Mikey & Rinne

Who the F are they, anyways?

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Mikey Head.png


Mikey is a Culinary Institute of America (Napa) trained, culinary innovation consultant - but basically just a fat kid, that gets paid to eat. He is the innappropriate one on the show, always finding a way to fit in a joke about a genital, flatulence or how he had 30 manhattans the previous evening. You can find Mikey on a sunny Portland porch, blowing the suds off an IPA and eating his 11th inch of sandwich for the hour.


Rinne is an acupuncturist and an Institute of Integrative Nutrition trained health coach - she is a Calabrian at heart - always dreaming about her Grandma's red sauce and pasta. Rinne is the knowledgable one on the show - correcting Mikey on his misinformation, talking about food issues that actually matter, and giving amazing, healthy and delicious recipes to the MREI listeners. You can find Rinne on a sunny Oregon beach, reading a "slightly trashy" novel and thinking about the meal that she is going to eat after a hike with her puppy, Aubbie.

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